Unique Hats & Designer Headwear in Arlington!

Get your hands on phenomenal hats created by a designer with anointed hands.

Mommy & Me Creations

Our custom hats in the Mommy & Me collection are made with love and special attention to detail to give you something extraordinary and eye-catching to wear. In our hats, you are sure to stand out and become the talk of the town.

Our Headwear is made with Love & Love Only

Our designer started this business at a very dark time in her life and her goal was to create something unique and special for her customers. Each hat is created with love and keeping her customers in mind. Her hats have a personality of their own which shines through in custom and beautiful-looking designs.

Designer Headwear Like No Else

Our Mommy & Me collection is like no other hat collection out there. The focus is on designs that are custom and never seen before. Expert anointed hands go into making these gorgeous works of art and that will show when you wear them

About The Designer

The genius behind the brand, Sheri is a 48-year-old mother and grandmother. She had a booming career as a modeling trainer and helped models build a successful career. She then turned to create custom hats and hat collections.